So, it was about time to show the world what I ‘ve learned so far. It was almost a revelation for me when a year ago I found the way to paint. Since I was a kid, I tried and tried to paint with no success. I had tons of brushes and pens, oil paints, pastels, coloured pencils in my bookshelves, even a big easel, in an attempt to find the technique through the medium. Of course I was wrong. At my surprise, the solution was my readings on all latest neuroscience developments, where I realized, my brain was stuffed with no’s and cant’s, instead of do’s. So, I left all previous thoughts behind and started to really see the world as it was and not as I was taught it should be. For example, a table is square only in terms of geometry, when in painting you just need to look closely and you ll notice the distortion of lines because of perspective. That was all. I ‘ve learned to see, to enjoy the process, to set logic aside and just do. Our brain is a magnificent tool. It rewires itself every time we make a decision, and each time we practice the new synapses get stronger and it’s easier to do it again. In the following posts I ll try to share with you this wonderful journey through life, and who knows? maybe you ll find it as amazing as I do.

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