on likeness


Happy New Year everyone. This is a tiny oil portrait I made recently,  as a gift for a young artist I follow on Youtube. As I was watching one of his latest videos, I couldn’t  avoid to  admire the way the light was flowing over his face. So, I decided to make that portrait. And that was my only aim. In art likeness is of no use. We have photography for that and this is enough. What is art’s purpose is to filter reality through our minds, what we need to point and how to get there. I was also fascinated by the kind eyes this young man has and the way he looks at the camera, and I think I made it. So, don’t struggle with unnecessary details and time spent on likeness. What we should look for is to catch an impression, the feeling of our  model. Likeness is a skill acquired through practice, but to imprint the overall impression of someone, to have a vivid image needs to have an open mind and enjoying the process.

You can follow this wonderful young man on Youtube here : Peter Draws , not only he draws amazing but listen to what he has to say.

Best wishes for everyone!


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