The art of giving



Hello everyone, I hope you ‘re safe and warm where you are. These last days we experienced here an unusual frost and snow wave which kept most of us inside. But, despite all that I knew somehow I had to keep painting. So, while I did that, I was thinking about the art of giving. Because, all kind of arts is an act of giving. First of all, giving room to express yourself, to allow your thoughts and feelings find a way out to the world, but most of all giving others the chance and the motive to be part of it. Everyone who sees what you create has an interaction with it. They like it or not, they still generate new feelings on their own, they may even be motivated to try and do something, they may make a story about your art, or take the chance and read more about similar artworks. They become richer because of you. This year I took part on the annual gift exchange Secret Crafter 2016 and I  really enjoyed it ! With a minimum cost only to send your gift through postal services, you exchange gifts with unknown recipients and you get gifts in return. What a wonderful experience! Some of us, became friends and keep exchanging gifts all year. It is a great joy to prepare your gift and wait to see reach its destination and of course it is even better when your gift arrives! But, none of these would be possible if we were not willing to give in the first place. Then, our biggest gift is our opportunity to create something new with what we received. Don’t miss the chance to follow In my closet on Facebook too, you ll find many craft and art ideas, you ll see all the process of last Secret Crafter 2016 and maybe next year you will join us. Keep giving

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