You paint best what you love most



I love cats, and bunnies and the way light passes through leaves and I love faces. No matter how I tried I cant paint successfully cars and buildings, because I don’t like them. But even from the start I could catch the look in the eyes and the subtle smile of faces. Of course I keep practicing all kind of themes and objects no matter if I like them or not, but even if the rest of a painting is blurred or misproportioned, the eyes turn out wonderful. There is no other way to succeed in what you paint than to love what you see. Your brain stores better these images and it’s easier to reproduce them. In time, when someone learns the basics and acquires the skill to draw or paint better, you just need to love what you see. A pair of shoes, lemons on the table, a cloth dropped on the bed. You learn to love and focus on everything and therefore you can paint anything. Even a can of soda may have a reflection you can love, while you couldn’t care less for it in real life. Love what you see, paint it with passion, with the need to unleash its soul from our everyday world. And it will love you in return.

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