Never give up



Once you start your journey on painting, you ll find yourself many times frustrated and disappointed from your work. Especially when exploring a new medium, as I did with watercolours, you may think many times that there’s no hope of you getting any better at it. But don’t give up. Every day, no matter what happens, make a little drawing, spread colour on paper even without a drawing. Try and fail as much as possible, this is the way you learn and improve, even when you dont realize it at the moment. Choose as models things and persons you love, let your love for them guide you through this. Dont be afraid to paint childish things, a baloon, a birthday cake, a cat. Dont hesitate to paint along with the instructions of other artists you may find in YouTube or other social media. Dont bother with likeness, just do it again and again. Each time, your brain absorbs new informations and makes new connections to make use of them. Then, one day, you may find yourself amazed of what you just painted, not knowing how you get there. I promise.

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